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  Builders Bid Service of Utah  
  SMACNA Utah Bid Depository  

Here are a random few of the companies benefiting from Bidsite
  Company   State   Company   State  
  3D Sheet Metal Contractors   UT   A & B Mechanical   UT  
  A & B Mechanical Contractors Inc   UT   A & T Plumbing   UT  
  Abbey Carpet of Logan   UT   AC Electric   UT  
  Ace Tile & Stone   UT   Acoustico, Inc.   UT  
  Advanced Solutions Group   UT   Air Systems Inc   UT  
  All Trades   UT   All Weather Waterproofing   UT  
  Alliance General Contractors   CO   Alternative Mechanical   UT  
  American Roofing Co   UT   Andrew McDaniel Painting   UT  
  Apex Carpentry   UT   Archer Mechanical   UT  
  Artistic Painting   UT   Ascent Construction   UT  
  Associated Brigham Contractors   UT   B & R Sheet Metal Inc.   UT  
  B&T Masonry   UT   B2 Air Systems   UT  
  BA Robinson Construction Inc   UT   Banks Heating   UT  
  BBS Bid Depository   UT   BMC   NV  
  Brett Woods   UT   Brown Plumbing & Heating   UT  
  Brubaker Construction, Inc.   UT   Bud Mahas Construction   UT  
  Buehner Construction   UT   Buffalo Construction   KY  
  Cal Wadsworth Construction   UT   Camco Constn (Spokane WA)   WA  
  Cameron Construction   UT   Catamount Construction   TX  
  Ceiling Specialties & Interiors   UT   Central Plumbing   UT  
  Central Utah Sheet Metal Inc   UT   Century Contractors   UT  
  Certified Fire Protection   UT   Chad Husband Construction   UT  
  Child Enterprises   UT   CK Construction   UT  
  CL Wayman   UT   Clark Mechanical   UT  
  Classic Drywall Systems Inc   UT   CNC Construction   UT  
  Commercial Mechanical   UT   Commercial Mechanical   UT  
  Commercial Mechanical (INSUL ONLY)   UT   Commercial Mechanical Systems & Service Inc   UT  
  Conwest, Inc.   UT   Crossroads Construction   UT  
  Culp Construction   UT   Dave Jones Masonry Inc.   UT  
  Daw Construction Group   UT   Dawson Development LLC   UT  
  Dennis Blair Insulation   UT   Design West Acoustics Inc   UT  
  Diamond G Mechanical   UT   Diamond Steel Construction   UT  
  Diamond Vault   UT   Dowland Tile & Stone   UT  
  Doyle Hatfield Masonry   UT   Drywall Dynamics, Inc.   UT  
  Dynamic Fire Protection   UT   E.K. Bailey   UT  
  Easton River Construction   UT   EMJ Construction   CA  
  Empire Heating and Air   UT   Ence Commercial Construction   UT  
  Environmental Control Systems   UT   Environmental Control Systems   UT  
  Envision Mechanical   UT   Ercanbrack Construction co.   UT  
  Evans Electrical   ID   Excel Acoustics   UT  
  Fire Engineering Co. Inc.   UT   Firetrol Protection Systems, Inc.   UT  
  Frazier Masonry Corp   NV   Gerber Construction   UT  
  Gold Shield Fire Protection Inc   UT   Greenleaf Construction   MO  
  Guardian Construction   UT   Hale Construction   UT  
  Harper Construction   UT   HBI Construction   CA  
  Headwaters Construction   ID   Hendricksen Painting Inc   UT  
  HFP Systems, Inc.   UT   Horizon Mechanical Contracting   UT  
  ICON Consulting Group   UT   IMS MASONRY INC.   UT  
  Interstate Rock Products   UT   Island Heights construction Inc   UT  
  J & H Thompson   UT   J Wright Companies   UT  
  Jackson Dean Construction   WA   Jaynes Corporation   NV  
  JDM Tile   UT   JH Masonry Inc.   UT  
  JMI   UT   JPL Construction Inc   UT  
  JTB Construction And Drywall Inc   UT   Kim Tomlinson Tile   UT  
  KJ Tile   UT   KK Mechanical   UT  
  Kurt Mecham Construction   UT   L & L Mechanical   UT  
  Layton Companies   UT   Layton Roofing Company   UT  
  Lindstrom Bros HVAC   UT   Lowell Construction   UT  
  Mark Young Construction   CO   Mark Young Constuction   CO  
  Masonry Specialties   UT   Metro Builders   UT  
  MMC Inc   NV   MW Construction   UT  
  New Star General Contractors   UT   Nick's Door Company   UT  
  Nielsen Construction   UT   North Face Roofing. Inc.   UT  
  North Star HVAC   UT   Northern Construction   UT  
  Ogden Masonry Inc.   UT   Okland Construction   UT  
  PAC Group West, LLC   UT   Parkes Construction   TN  
  Parkway Construction Inc   TX   Paul A. Snyder Masonry Inc.   UT  
  Payson Sheet Metal   UT   PCL Construction Inc   AZ  
  Performance Systems   ID   Pete Mickelsen & Sons Masonry   ID  
  PHE Mechanical   UT   Phoenix Fire Protection   ID  
  PJF Construction   UT   Platinum Plumbing Inc   UT  
  Porter Brothers Inc   AZ   Professional Plumbing Systems   UT  
  R & O Construction   UT   Ralph Tye & Sons   UT  
  Rapid Fire Protection Inc   UT   RBI   UT  
  RIDGELINE ROOFING   UT   RM Chris Sheet Metal Inc   UT  
  RM Mechanical   ID   Rocky Mountain Construction   UT  
  Rocmont Industrial Corporation   UT   Roger Knight Construction Inc   UT  
  Ron New & Sons Construction   UT   S & W Sheet Metal LLC   UT  
  Sadler Construction   UT   Sanford's Painting   UT  
  Shane Simons Painting LLC   UT   Sierra Electric LC   UT  
  SimplexGrinnell LP   UT   Sinc Constructors   UT  
  Sletten Construction   MT   Smith Construction Management   AZ  
  Southwest Drywall, Inc.   UT   Spindler Construction   UT  
  Spray-on Solutions Inc.   UT   Stallings Construction   UT  
  Stallings Sheet Metal Inc   UT   Stapp Construction   UT  
  Stauffer Enterprises   UT   Stewart Construction   UT  
  Stout Building Contractors   UT   Stucco Guys Inc   UT  
  SV Mechanical   UT   TD Farrell Construction   GA  
  Tholen Custom Homes   UT   Thorup Brothers Construction   UT  
  Tite-Line Tile   UT   Tom Stuart Construction   UT  
  Tri-Hurst Construction   UT   United Contractors   UT  
  United Fire Protection Inc   UT   United Team Mechanical   UT  
  Utah Mechanical   UT   Utah Mechanical Contractors   UT  
  W R Henderson Constn   ID   Wall to Wall Painting Inc.   UT  
  Warner Construction   UT   Watts Construction   UT  
  WCI   UT   WCI construction   UT  
  WCI LLC   UT   Wells Barker Construction   UT  
  West Valley Tile   UT   Westcoast Construction   UT  
  Western Single Ply   UT   Western States Mechanical   UT  
  Whiting Turner Contracting   NV   Wright Masonry & Sons   UT