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  Builders Bid Service of Utah  
  SMACNA Utah Bid Depository  

Here are a random few of the companies benefiting from Bidsite
  Company   State   Company   State  
  Abbey Carpet of Logan   UT   ABCO Construction   UT  
  Advanced Fire Design   UT   Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning Inc   UT  
  Advanced Plumbing & Mechanical   UT   Advanced Solutions Group   UT  
  Air Systems Inc   UT   All Pro Mechanical Insulation   UT  
  Alpha Drywall   UT   Alpine Pacific Plumbing   UT  
  Alternative Mechanical   UT   Alternative Mechanical Fire Protection   UT  
  Approved Painting, LLC   UT   Aragorn Construction   UT  
  ArrowStar Construction   UT   Artistic Tile & Stone Inc   UT  
  Associated Brigham Contractors   UT   Atlas Sheet Metal Inc   UT  
  Band Fire Protection Sytems   UT   Ben Lomond Mechanical   UT  
  BHI   UT   Big B Construction   UT  
  BMA Construction   UT   Brown-Foutz Company, Inc   UT  
  Brown's Drywall   UT   Bud Bailey Construction   UT  
  Bud Mahas Construction   UT   Budd Rich Plumbing   UT  
  Buehner Construction   UT   Busk Inc   UT  
  Camco Construction   UT   CAP Construction Inc   UT  
  Capitol Roofing Service   UT   CFM Heating & Air   UT  
  Child Enterprises   UT   Comfort Systems USA Intermountain Inc   UT  
  Commercial Design & Construction   UT   Commercial Mechanical   UT  
  Commercial Service Unlimited   UT   Comtrol, Inc.   UT  
  Conwest, Inc.   UT   CSI Painting   UT  
  CSM Construction   UT   Curt Faux Corp   OR  
  Cutler Construction   UT   CVMI LLC   UT  
  Datwyler Lath & Plaster   UT   Daw Construction Group   UT  
  Dayt Construction   UT   Dean McElreath Masonry   UT  
  Desert West Construction   UT   Design West Acoustics Inc   UT  
  Discount Tile & Marble   UT   E&R Painting   UT  
  E.K. Bailey   UT   Eckman & Mitchell Construction   UT  
  Electric Power & Control   AZ   Eleven Western Builders   UT  
  EMCO   UT   Fire Engineering Co. Inc.   UT  
  FireFly Fire LLC   UT   Fischer Boys Mechanical   UT  
  Frazier Masonry Corp   NV   Garcia's Professional Painters LLC   UT  
  Genesis Acoustics Inc.   UT   Gerber Construction   UT  
  Gilbert Western Corp   AZ   Gines Construction   UT  
  GP Construction   UT   Greenleaf Construction   MO  
  Grover and Daugherty Masonry, LLC   UT   H & L General   UT  
  Halstead Construction   UT   Hansen-Rice Inc   ID  
  Harris Air Systems Inc   UT   Harris and Hart Inc   UT  
  Hatfield Fire LLC   UT   HEGEMANN PAINT CO.   UT  
  Helker and Crawford Construction   TX   Hilco Plumbing And Heating Contractors, Inc.   UT  
  Holmes & Holmes Industrial   UT   Horizon Masonry Inc.   UT  
  Horizon Mechanical Contracting LLC   UT   IB Acoustics   UT  
  Impact Sheet Metal   UT   Interwest Fire Protection Inc   UT  
  J & S Mechanical   UT   Jackson Dean Construction   WA  
  Jaco Masonry INC.   UT   JayDee Barr Construction   UT  
  Jaynes Corporation   NV   Jeff McNeil & Sons   UT  
  JL Hardy Construction   UT   JMI   UT  
  Johnson Quality Air   UT   JRC Tile   UT  
  K N P Construction   UT   KBR Systems   UT  
  KHI Mechanical   UT   KJ Tile   UT  
  KK Mechanical   UT   Koch Mechanical   UT  
  Kong Sheds   UT   KWMCO inc.   UT  
  La Sal Contracting   UT   M & R Construction   UT  
  M-13 Construction   UT   Mark Young Construction   CO  
  Martineau Brothers Tile   UT   McAlvain Construction   ID  
  McCullough Engineering & Contracting   UT   MDS Masonry INC.   UT  
  Menlove Construction   UT   Mountain Valley Heating & Air   UT  
  Nielsen Construction   UT   Noorda Architectural Metals, Inc.   UT  
  North Ridge Construction   UT   North Star HVAC   UT  
  Northern Construction   UT   NTL Drywall   UT  
  O & M Plumbing   UT   Ogden Masonry Inc.   UT  
  Painting and Coating Systems   UT   Paintworks Inc   UT  
  Palmer Christiansen   UT   Parkes Construction   TN  
  Parsons RCI, Inc.   WA   PCL Construction Inc   AZ  
  Performance Systems   ID   Petra Inc   ID  
  Phase II Construction   UT   Philipoom Construction   UT  
  PNCI Construction   CO   Premier Painting, Inc.   UT  
  R & R Insulation   UT   R K Sanders   AZ  
  R Phillips Plastering   UT   R. Ray Ward Construction   UT  
  Raass Brothers   UT   Raass Brothers Construction   UT  
  Ranger Construction   CA   Raymond Construction   UT  
  Reece Davis Painting Inc.   UT   Reitmeyer & Associates   TX  
  Reliable Contracting Group   KY   Ridgeline Development   UT  
  Ron New & Sons Construction   UT   RWT LLC   UT  
  S & J Construction   UT   S & S Mechanical   UT  
  Sage Electric Inc   UT   Schoonover Plumbing & Heating   UT  
  Scott Bone Drywall   UT   Shilo Automatic Sprinkler, Inc.   ID  
  SimplexGrinnell   UT   Squires Construction   UT  
  Stacey Enterprises   UT   Staker Parson Companies   UT  
  Stallings Construction   UT   Stallings Construction   UT  
  Stallings Sheet Metal Inc   UT   Stapp Construction   UT  
  Star Mechanical   UT   Steed Construction   UT  
  Steve Worrell Masonry Inc.   UT   Stewart Construction   UT  
  STS Contractors   UT   Superior Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc.   UT  
  SV Mechanical   UT   TBP Construction   UT  
  TD Farrell Construction   GA   Tectum TKTM   WA  
  TEST GC   UT   The Paint Shop Boys   UT  
  THE SAFETY TEAM LLC   UT   Titan Mechanical Contractors   UT  
  TNT TILE   UT   Total Wall Systems Inc   UT  
  Trico Sheet Metal LLC   UT   Troy Hales Masonry   UT  
  Troy Hales Masonry Inc.   UT   Tushar Contracting   UT  
  Utah Mechanical   UT   Utah Mechanical Contractors   UT  
  W R Henderson Constn   ID   W.W. Clyde & Co.   UT  
  Wall to Wall Painting Inc.   UT   Warburton's Inc.   UT  
  Wasatch Drywall Inc.   UT   Wasatch Sheet Metal & Service   UT  
  Watts Construction   UT   WCI   UT  
  Webb Bros. Construction   UT   Westbrook Construction   UT  
  Westech Tile   UT   Western States Mechanical   UT  
  Westland Construction   UT   Wilkinson Electric, Inc.   UT