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  Builders Bid Service of Utah  
  SMACNA Utah Bid Depository  

Here are a random few of the companies benefiting from Bidsite
  Company   State   Company   State  
  Ace Tile & Stone   UT   Advanced Building Systems   UT  
  Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning Inc   UT   AGT Painting & Coatings Inc   UT  
  All Pro Mechanical Insulation   UT   All States Mechanical   UT  
  All Trades   UT   All Weather Waterproofing   UT  
  AMG Inc   UT   Apex Carpentry   UT  
  Archer Mechanical   UT   Archer Western Contractors   AZ  
  Atlas Sheet Metal Inc   UT   Automated Mechanical   UT  
  Ayers Tile   UT   B.L.S. Painting Inc   UT  
  Bailey Construction   UT   Banks Heating   UT  
  BBS Bid Depository   UT   BC Builders   UT  
  Benstog Construction   UT   Big B Construction   UT  
  Blue Ocean Painting LLC   UT   Brett Woods   UT  
  Briskey Mechanical   UT   Brown Plumbing & Heating Inc.   UT  
  BRPI Mechanical (Sheet Metal ONLY)   UT   Burke Construction Group   NV  
  Bush Decor   UT   Byrds Fire Protection   UT  
  C5 Coatings   UT   Cambridge Roofing   UT  
  Cameron Construction   UT   Carson Plumbing & Mechanical Inc.   UT  
  CCI   UT   Central Plumbing   UT  
  CFM Heating and Air   UT   CHAVEZ,LLC   UT  
  Cherringtons Inc   UT   Christensen & Griffith   UT  
  CK Construction   UT   Cofran Climate Systems   UT  
  Cofran HVAC   UT   Commercial Coatings Corp.   UT  
  Comtrol, Inc.   UT   Contract West Roofing, Inc.   UT  
  CR Lighting & Electric   UT   Culp Construction   UT  
  Dale Cox Contracting   UT   Darrell Anderson Construction   UT  
  David H Wathen Corp   UT   Davies Miller Construction   UT  
  Daw Construction Group   UT   Daw Construction Group   UT  
  Dean McElreath Masonry   UT   Delta Fire Systems Inc.   UT  
  Dennis Blair Insulation   UT   Desert Sage Construction   UT  
  Diamond Steel Construction   UT   Double E Construction   UT  
  Electric Power & Control   AZ   Ellsworth-Paulsen Construction   UT  
  EMJ Construction   CA   ENTELEN Design-Build, LLC   UT  
  Evans Electrical   ID   Far West Roofing   UT  
  Fays Fire Protection   ID   Fire Engineering Co. Inc.   UT  
  G2 Masonry Corp.   UT   Gerber Construction   UT  
  Giles Construction   UT   Globe Contracting LLC   UT  
  GP Construction   UT   Grand Enterprises   UT  
  Great West Construction   CO   Hansen Construction   UT  
  Hansen-Rice Inc   ID   Harris and Hart Inc   UT  
  Harris Mechanical (Insulation Only)   UT   HBI Construction   CA  
  Helker and Crawford Construction   TX   Heritage Roofing   UT  
  Hilbers   OR   Hunt Construction   UT  
  Hunt Construction - South Division   TX   Industrial Piping & Welding   UT  
  Innovative Sheet Metal   UT   Interior Construction Specialists   UT  
  Intermountain Tile & Stone   UT   Interstate Rock Products   UT  
  Interwest Fire Protection Inc   UT   ISBS Electrical   ID  
  J & S Mechanical   UT   Jackson Dean Construction   WA  
  Jaco Masonry INC.   UT   JC Construction   UT  
  JL Hardy Construction   UT   JSM Contracting, Inc.   UT  
  Kay General Contracting   UT   Kenneth Hale Construction   UT  
  Key Construction   KS   KHI Mechanical   UT  
  Koch Mechanical   UT   KOH Mechanical   UT  
  KR Plumbing & Mechanical   UT   L & T Construction   UT  
  L & T Construction   UT   Lee Ballantyne Construction   UT  
  Lindhardt Tile,LLC   UT   M C Green & Sons   UT  
  Mainframe LLC   UT   Mark Young Construction   CO  
  masonomics   UT   Masonry Engineers Inc   UT  
  McCullough Engineering & Contracting   UT   Merit Arts Inc.   UT  
  Metro Tile Associates   UT   Midgley Construction   UT  
  Miller General Contractors   UT   Miller Tile and Marble   UT  
  Mitchell Acoustics Inc   UT   Modern Construction   UT  
  Modular Space Corp   UT   Mountain Peak Builders Inc   UT  
  Mountain States Masonry Inc   UT   Murray Drywall Inc.   UT  
  Nichols Building   UT   Noorda Architectural Metals, Inc.   UT  
  Noorda BEC   UT   North American Contractors, LLC   UT  
  North Face Construction   UT   Pacific West Construction   CO  
  Palmer Christiansen   UT   Parsons RCI, Inc.   WA  
  Paul A. Snyder Masonry Inc.   UT   Pete Mickelsen & Sons Masonry   ID  
  Phase II Construction   UT   PHD Acoustics & Drywall Inc.   UT  
  Platinum Plumbing HVAC   UT   Platinum Plumbing Inc   UT  
  Precision Roofing   UT   Premier Painting, Inc.   UT  
  Professional Plumbing Systems   UT   puttuck co llc   UT  
  Quality Drywall Specialties, Inc.   UT   R Phillips Plastering   UT  
  R&T Drywall   UT   Reliable Plumbing & Heating   UT  
  Reliable Plumbing and Heating   UT   Right Touch Tile   UT  
  RL Adams HVAC   UT   Robertson & Olson   WA  
  Robinson Bros. Construction   UT   Rocky Mountain Custom Countertops   UT  
  Sage Electric Inc   UT   Sahara Inc.   UT  
  Schoonover Plumbing & Heating   UT   Scott Bone Drywall   UT  
  SCS Sheet Metal   UT   Shane Simons Painting LLC   UT  
  Shaw Beneco, Inc.   UT   Shawn Hillton   UT  
  Sinc Constructors   UT   Skyline Construction   UT  
  Sletten Construction   ID   Sorensen & Gnehm Construction   UT  
  South Mountain Builders   UT   Spindler Construction   UT  
  Squires Construction   UT   Stallings Construction   UT  
  Steve Worrell Masonry Inc.   UT   STS Acoustics   UT  
  Superior Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc.   UT   TD Farrell Construction   GA  
  Tectum TKTM   WA   Test HVAC   UT  
  The Hatch Group   AZ   Tilton Pacific Construction   CA  
  TJ Smith Trucking & Excavation Inc   UT   Tom Parker Construction   UT  
  Troy Hales Masonry   UT   US Mechanical (insulation only)   UT  
  Utah Mechanical   UT   Utah Mechanical Contractors   UT  
  Utah Tile & Roofing, INC.   UT   Vision Air   UT  
  Wade Perrow Construction   WA   Walker Masonry, Inc.   UT  
  Warner & Associates Construction   UT   Wasatch Drywall Inc.   UT  
  Wasatch Mountain Mechanical   UT   Watts Construction   UT  
  WCI, LLC   UT   Weeminuche Construction   CO  
  Wells Barker Construction   UT   Western Sheet Metal   UT  
  Wheeler Construction   UT   YMC Inc   ID  
  ZBBS (Test General)   UT   ZTest General 2   AZ